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Re-wire your brain to help release trauma and find your safe haven.

Discovery Call - Complimentary

A Call to discuss how Havening Techniques & Therapeutic Life Coaching can change your life for the better.
Let start the journey on the right foot, we chat to see whether we can have success together.

A free 15 min call.

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Havening® and Self Healing

90 min session in person to experience the magic of Havening and learn Self Havening to release stress, Anxiety and more.

Investment 220.00


Maintenance Healing Session

Been to see me before? Need a quick session to get back on track?
Experienced Havening techniques already? In need of self care and support?
Come experience Havening in a supported and safe session.

60 minutes for 150.00

Therapeutic Life Coaching™ Workshop

1 on 1 or group Workshop to learn tools to clear any residual traumas that are holding you back from your thriving life.

Regain and Access your personal power so you are empowered by your choices.

This session is a Therapeutic Coaching Workshop where we utilise Neuroscience and Psycho-sensory therapies to actively heal from past experiences and achieve goals to thrive.

Stop surviving and start thriving. Regain the joy in your life.

Minimum 2 hours and price on application.

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School Anxiety & Stress Solution Session

Through my carefully tailored sessions, your child will embark on a journey of self-discovery and self-empowerment. Say goodbye to exam stress and school anxiety.

By leveraging the power of psychosensory therapeutic life coaching, we tap into the sensory aspects of the mind and body to facilitate a profound shift towards empowerment and mental clarity.

As a skilled expert, I will guide them through exercises that engage their senses and provide a holistic experience aimed at reducing anxiety.

My method is grounded in evidence-based research and draws from a range of established therapeutic approaches. I understand that each child is unique, and we adapt our techniques to suit their individual needs.

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Investment 260.00

a woman in a wheel chair in a kitchen
a woman in a wheel chair in a kitchen
NDIS Support Worker Services

I am thrilled to extend my NDIS support services to you, with a focus on enhancing your social participation, promoting independence, optimizing living arrangements, and nurturing your overall health and wellbeing.
I hold a NDIS Worker Screening Check.

My personalised approach ensures that your unique needs and preferences guide every aspect of the support provided.

I can help you with cooking, household duties, social outings and accessing community activities, and assist you in maintaining your physical and mental health.

Together, we can work towards achieving your goals and improving your quality of life. Please don't hesitate to get in touch with me to discuss how we can embark on this journey of empowerment and well-being.

Please make an appointment through the below button so we may meet online initially.